Success in the world of e-commerce

Your e-commerce website needs to make the right impression within the first few seconds of a potential customer visiting your e-commerce online store. Otherwise, you will have lost the opportunity to convert a web browser into an online customer. So how can you ensure your e-commerce website design will maximize conversions?


1. A successful e-commerce website will provide a great customer experience Providing your website visitors with a positive online customer experience is key to a successful e-commerce website. You need to ensure it is easy for customers to locate the products they want to buy in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.
2. A successful e-commerce website will provide a simple navigation Website visitors will know where they are on your e-commerce website at all times through the site navigation, breadcrumbs, and search filtering mechanism.
3. A successful e-commerce website will clearly show the price and any savings Everyone wants to feel they are getting value for money. If you are selling products with a discount, make sure the savings are shown on your e-commerce website.
4. A successful e-commerce website provides a secure online experience Your customer’s security is key. A good e-commerce website will ensure a secure online experience and provide your customers with peace of mind that they can shop in a safe and secure manner.
5. A successful e-commerce website keeps clutter to a minimum We’ve all seen a website that has so much happened on the page you don’t know where to look. Your e-commerce website design needs to focus your web visitors attention to the most important things you want to sell. It is often the less cluttered e-commerce website that is the most successful as they don’t overload the visitor with too much information.
6. A successful e-commerce website will show your product availability A customer is more likely to buy a product they know in-stock. However tempting failure to display product availability, only for the customer to wait is likely to result in an unhappy customer who is less likely to return and buy more from you.
7. A successful e-commerce website has a visible basket Many of the leading e-commerce websites provide a quick cart facility; this means your customers can see how many items they’ve added to their basket and the cost of the basket without having to specifically click on the basket page.
8. A successful e-commerce website will maintain a consistent design layout For example on all pages your website visitors will be able to identify who you are, a consistent menu structure and a search functionality. It is important that your e-commerce website maintains as many consistent elements as possible.
9. A successful e-commerce website will provide additional options to the customer Whether it is product attributes, related products or what other people have bought, a successful e-commerce website will provide customers with other options based on what they have looked at.
10. A successful e-commerce website allows for customers to share their feedback Positive customer feedback and reviews can provide a valuable sales tool to boost online sales through your e-commerce website. In addition to providing feedback ratings and reviews, provide your customers with the ability to share products and wish lists to their social networks.


These are just a few ways how you can create a successful e-commerce website that will maximize online conversions and sales.

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